Eric Church is notoriously busy. When the 2012 CMAs Album of the Year winner isn't cramming awards into his duffel bag, he's on his tour bus, wheels rolling on the ground while those in his head spin with ideas for new No. 1 singles. Church is obviously a hard worker, so it should be no surprise to anyone that when he gets a 'day off' from being a star, he spends it the best way he knows how... doing manual labor.

When we caught up with Church at a show a few months back, he was sipping on a cold drink, dreaming of those "relaxing" days off with a 'you won't believe this' look on his face.

"We just bought some land outside of Nashville, and ironically it's manual labor," the 'Creepin'' singer tells Taste of Country when we asked how he kicks back. "I go out there and I chop trees down, or I lay gravel in the driveway and road… that to me, because it's hard work, your body's tired, and I'm not thinking about anything -- I'm just doing the job. You know, whether I'm cutting down a tree or I'm filling a hole with gravel, that's what I'm concentrating on. And I don't have anything else to worry about."

For Church -- who can only go unrecognized in public if he's wearing a 'disguise' -- getting things done is the best way to be stress-free and let loose. He adds, "So I love that. I love to go out there and take a cooler with me and just sit out there and work all day."

Had he not thrown that cooler bit in, we may not have believed him.