Eric Church's new 'Drink in My Hand' music video is almost as loud and rowdy as the song. Fans get plenty of Church, plenty of booze, and plenty of themselves in the just-released clip for the second single from Church's 'Chief' record. It was recorded during a summer tour stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa and if the crowd didn't know they were being taped, one could never tell.

The first 20 seconds is a fast-paced montage of fan photos -- many look like pictures taken at the DMV -- with their explanation of why they like the singer so much. The consensus is it's because Church is just an ordinary guy who sings songs about the common man's life. Then the real video begins, using dozens of different camera angles and placements to create a sense that the viewer is right in the middle of the party. It's effective. The shots with blurry borders are appropriately symbolic of how one's mind works after a good Church concert.

"It wasn’t really planned out," Church previously told Taste of Country."It’s really just showing our live show and showing some of the stuff that went on during those shows in Council Bluff, and really just trying to show what ‘Drink in My Hand’ looks like live."

Other creative shots include the plastic cup cam, the guitar cam and the mic stand cam. All offer intimate closeups of either the singer or his backing band. There are a few wide angles for continuity's sake, but this is a video meant to focus on Church and his loyal fanbase.

Watch the Eric Church 'Drink in My Hand' Video