It seems the seeds of Eric Church's modern style were planted long before he was recording hit songs. Footage from his days at South Caldwell High School in Granite Falls, N.C. shows he picked up a few habits early, and refined them over the years, creating one of the most thrilling shows you'll see live today.

This video, shot and assembled by a fan of Church's, features footage of a mustachioed teenager pounding out the beat as he sings Garth Brooks. Later he's joking around with friends, and jamming in a guitar circle with some of his early-90s buddies. The lesson to be learned is the 'Springsteen' singer was always focused on country music, and he was always a bit of a rabbel rouser. Footage of Church's high school days wraps up by the three-minute mark. The rest of the 12-minute-long package serves as a highlight reel for the singer.