Eric Church's cinematic video for 'Homeboy,' the new single from his upcoming third album 'Chief,' traces the plight of a lost youth. A young boy, clad in a hoodie, jeans and Chuck Taylors -- which is the uniform of most American teens -- is being chased by the cops. The footage is spliced with close-up clips of Church singing and rocking a well-manicured beard with nary a hair out of place.

The teen, who is also sporting a neck tattoo, has lost his way and is eventually nabbed by the police and placed into custody. He is hauled off to the station, booked and has his mug shot taken. They search his person, and wads of cash and a sandwich baggie of pills tumble to the table. Clearly, this kid is lost and on a bad, bad path. The story fits the tone of the song, as Church sings the encouraging verse "come on home, boy."

The protagonist is given an orange prison-issue jumpsuit, is imprisoned and is then somehow granted his eventual release. He plops on the couch, visibly worn out by the events that just unfolded. He looks deep in thought, and proceeds to destroy his living quarters by lighting a match and smashing a lamp, the bulb of which almost ignites.

He ends up with just a cut on his hand, and the clip closes with him showering and then hopping on a bus, presumably heading home. He didn't escape unscathed, so that cut on his hand is a telling metaphor. And he learned hard lessons, but at the end of the day there is always the chance to go back home. It's a powerful video with a broad message -- and hopefully some at-risk teens will view it and realize they, too, can go home.

Watch the Eric Church 'Homeboy' Video