One could make a convincing argument that the Top 5 Eric Church lyrics should all be from album cuts. Many of the singer's best songs never found room on the radio. Instead they stay hidden -- like diamonds for fans to brush off and polish. In the end, two deep cuts made this list of the best lyrics from the 'Springsteen' hitmaker.

  • Capitol Nashville

    'Lotta Boot Left to Fill'

    "You say you're the real deal / But you play what nobody feels / You sing about Johnny Cash / The man in black would've whipped your a--"

    For obvious reasons, Church and his record team were nervous to put this song on a record. In just a few short lines, he expresses his anger while taking more polished singers to school. The track from 'Carolina' is a great experience at his live shows. Perhaps as much as any song he's recorded, it's a signature song.

  • Capitol Nashville

    'Two Pink Lines'

    "One means none, and we're home free / Two means three and a diamond ring / Yeah I wonder what fate is gonna decide / We're just sittin around waiting on two pink lines"

    Early in his career, Church proved to be a great storyteller with 'Two Pink Lines,' a song that was equally as controversial. It's a tale of two teens waiting for the results of a pregnancy test, but the way the songwriter hangs emotions on the wall with just a few short, jabbing lyrics is remarkable.

  • EMI Nashville

    'Over When It's Over'

    "Wish we could do it over / Damn it, baby, damn it / We had it in the air, and just couldn't land it"

    'Over When It's Over' was played on the radio despite never being released as a single, because it's the ultimate breakup song. More specifically, it's a song about the instant that love comes undone. Church spends 3-and-a-half minutes describing what if feels like without being redundant. The song ends with the highlighted lyric, and it's perfect.

  • EMI Nashville

    'Like Jesus Does'

    "I'm a long-gone Waylon song on vinyl / I'm a back row sinner at a tent revival / But she believes in me like she believes her Bible / And loves me like Jesus does"

    'Like Jesus Does' is the normally self-assured performer's most vulnerable moment. It's a love song that feels deeply personal, even though it's the only one on 'Chief' he didn't write. Church lays down at the feet of the woman he's singing about (his wife) like she's his religion. "The devil, man, no, he don't stand a chance / 'Cause she loves me like Jesus does," he sings sweetly.

  • EMI Nashville


    "Funny how a melody sounds like a memory / Like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night / Springsteen"

    It's seems obvious to make 'Springsteen' Church's No. 1 lyric -- after all, it's his biggest hit to date. A deep look at the story he tells and the emotions he brings forward as he tells it proves this track is worthy. The song would make a list of the best country lyrics of the last decade. Every piece snaps into place like the perfect game of Tetris.