Surprise! Eric Church has a new album called Mr. Misunderstood at iTunes today. The unannounced project features 10 self-written or co-written tracks that range from acoustic ballads to soulful rockers. Themes of resolute independence and loyalty stand out once again. The album was written in less than three weeks this summer. Church's son Boone and a guitar named "Butter Bean" influenced the art this time.

The Story:

In a handwritten letter to fans, Church explains how his 3-year-old son influenced Mr. Misunderstood. Boone McCoy Church is now four, but he's the centerpiece of a touching song called "Three Year Old" and the reason the singer picked up a special guitar.

Courtesy of Eric Church
Courtesy of Eric Church

The Single:

There isn't one! "Mr. Misunderstood" may become Church's next single, but as of now, there's no official release to radio. He performed the song at the 2015 CMA Awards.

The Songs:

There are 10 songs on Church's fifth studio album, two fewer than his previous two platinum albums. One will find plenty of cuts ripped from the singer's personal life. The title track, "Mistress Named Music" and "Three Year Old" are three that are exceptionally revealing.

Mr. Misunderstood is a more thinly produced album than The Outsiders. Church's blues and soul influences stand up on songs like "Chattanooga Lucy." None are as dark as tracks like those that make up the last half of his previous studio effort.

1. "Mr. Misunderstood" (Eric Church, Casey Beathard)
2. "Mistress Named Music" (Church, Beathard)
3. "Chattanooga Lucy" (Church, Jeff Hyde, Ryan Tyndell)
4. "Mixed Drinks About Feelings" (feat. Susan Tedeschi) (Church)
5. "Knives of New Orleans" (Church, Jeremy Spillman, Travis Meadows)
6. "Round Here Buzz" (Church, Hyde, Luke Dick)
7. "Kill a Word" (Church, Hyde, Dick)
8. "Holdin' My Own" (Church)
9. "Record Year" (Church, Hyde)
10. "Three Year Old" (Church, Beathard, Monty Criswell)

The Producer:

Jay Joyce returns for a third straight Church album, with Arturo Buenahora Jr. executive producing. The album was recorded at St. Charles in Nashville.


No one knew Mr. Misunderstood was coming until it just showed up. Fans began receiving copies in their mailboxes on Tuesday, and select media received copies on Wednesday. Official word that Church had released the album to iTunes came during the 2015 CMA Awards, around the time the singer performed "Mr. Misunderstood."

The Scoop:

Released exclusively to iTunes on November 4. Look for Church to perform select songs from the album at WE Fest in Detroit Lakes, Minn. next August.

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