Eric Church has released another video teasing what's to come from him in the new year, and this one clears up any speculation that his previous clip had anything to do with Taylor Swift.

The first video, titled 'One Will Rise, One Will Fall,' pulled material from Swift's acceptance speech for the Pinnacle Award at the 2013 CMAs, and it seemed, at least to some, to take aim at the songstress. Church's reps tell Taste of Country that was not the singer's intention, but after only a few hours of being live, the video was pulled from view due to the wrath of -- you guessed it -- Swifties.

Now, Church is clearing the air -- sort of. Based on his newest video, it's understood that the controversial, cryptic original was not about Swift at all.

"Don't be fooled and head down the wrong trail, focus on the background throughout these videos," the YouTube description on 'Stay on Course' reads. "A reveal on Jan. 3rd will shed a light on everything."

In the clip itself, that familiar gloved hand writes out a message. It says:

"Mysteries may seem strange. But that's what makes them fun. Eric adores Taylor. For who she is and what she has done. You're headed down the wrong trail / So we must stop this / One will rise one will fall / Has nothing to do with Swift / Focus on the background / And shed light on the clues / On January 3rd / All will be revealed to you"

Intriguing, no? The ever-mysterious singer is clearly coloring outside of the lines, which is always his intent. At least for now, Swifties can rest easy and know that 'The Outsiders' hitmaker is also in favor of the sweet superstar.

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