Faith Hill's mother always wanted her to record a gospel album, and now the singer is honoring her wishes in the form of a new song called "Come to Jesus" on her recently released album Deep Tracks.

She shared her decision to include the song on her latest project via a post on Facebook. Hill's mom, Edna Perry, passed away on Oct. 30. She and her husband, Wesley “Ted” Perry, adopted Hill when she was just a few days old, and the superstar grew up with two brothers in the tiny community of Star, Miss., where some of her earliest musical experiences included singing in church.

"Three weeks ago today my mom passed away," Hill wrote on Sunday (Nov. 20). "Mom often asked if I would ever get around to recording a gospel album. That's all she wanted to hear me sing. I'm thankful that she was able to hear this song before she took a seat on the glory train. This is 'Come to Jesus' dedicated to my mom."

In a press release announcing the album, Hill further discussed the importance of recording "Come to Jesus."

"It is also very personal for our family because I recorded this song during the last couple of weeks that Tug McGraw battled with brain cancer," she says. "Tim played him my rough cut and Tug listened to it multiple times a day until his passing."

"Deep Tracks contains songs from previous albums that were not singles but remain some of my favorites," Hill adds. "There have been some amazing songs that I've been fortunate enough to record, some that didn't make it onto albums, and I thought it would be nice to include a few of those on this album as well."

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