It's a fact: Faith Hill is one of the most successful female country artists of all time. The "This Kiss" singer has sold tens of millions of albums, reached No. 1 multiple times and won awards from just about every major organization. None of this is relevant in this Faith Hill Facts gallery. We stick to the stories fans care most about.

There are quite a few to lean on. Hill's childhood was as normal as anyone else's, which means it was full of quirks and bumps and random occurrences. As a professional, the star sings, reinvents the music video and acts. Her movie debut came in 2004, but that's only because she walked away from a major role just two years earlier.

Learn what almost made Hill quit music, how she celebrated a recent birthday and what job she's very thankful she didn't get. After you flip through click the button below to learn 10 Shania Twain Facts you won't believe. Faith Hill celebrated her 48th birthday on Sept. 21, 2015.