Faith Hill is back with 'Give In to Me,' a new song from the 'Country Strong' soundtrack. Hill hasn't released a song that wasn't tied to the holidays or televised football since 2007, so you may ask yourself, what made her come out of hiding for this project? Well, it turns out her husband, Tim McGraw, is one of the stars of the film.

Unlike those overdone Sunday Night Football theme songs, 'Give In to Me' is a tasteful, hushed mid-tempo song that features delicate guitar lines over a warm keyboard backdrop. Faith sings in a similarly restrained, elegant manner, despite promising all sorts of passion in the lyrics:

"I'm gonna start a fire / You're gonna feel the heat / I'm gonna burn for you / You're gonna melt for me / Come on come on into my arms / Come on come on / Give in to me."

'County Strong' opens nationwide on Friday, Jan. 7. A second version of 'Give In to Me,' performed by Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester, is available on a companion soundtrack, 'Country Strong (More Music from the Motion Picture).'

Hill is reportedly working on a new studio album, her first since 2005's 'Fireflies,' and plans to release the album some time in 2011.

Listen to Faith Hill, 'Give In to Me'

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