Over the last decade, many pop artists have found success on country radio. Of course, not everyone has been welcomed with open arms. A few -- like Miley Cyrus and Jessica Simpson -- have struggled to stick a song to country radio playlists. For country fans, earning a place in the genre is more important than just the song. An artist needs to prove he or she truly is "country" to sustain a Nashville career.

Which of the five artists listed below do you think has been the best friend to country music over the last decade? Kid Rock has adopted the outlaw lifestyle and scored two very popular country hits over the last ten years. Darius Rucker is working on his third country album, while Kelly Clarkson has released her first country single after scoring two huge hits as a duet partner.

Also included is Lionel Richie -- who just released an album of country duets -- and Jewel, who released a country album in 2008. As always, feel free to add your own entry in the comments section below.