Filmore's new single "You Know You Wanna" is a love song set to a thick, pop-heavy beat. Comparisons to Sam Hunt will come quickly, but his patter is distinct and true to his heart.

The rising country newcomer aims to sing a girl off her feet during this new single. "You Know You Wanna" warms a room in the opening verse before reaching a climax at each chorus. The tone of this sexy love song leaves one believing that he's right — she does wanna — but it fades out before we reach a conclusion. That may be best, as it trends in a direction that's not safe for innocent ears.

Spacey guitars are accented by subtle strings during each verse, while the chorus is a bass-heavy rhythm that opens up only slightly for a squealing guitar lick. While not organic, "You Know You Wanna" hits its mark.

Did You Know?: Filmore is Tyler Filmore, a Missouri native.

Listen to Filmore, "You Know You Wanna"

Filmore's "You Know You Wanna" Lyrics:

I knew before I met ya / I wanted an up-all-night kinda crazy / Girl right when I met ya / Yeah your eyes on mine said the same thing / And I knew I wanted falling fast, taking that chance you and me / Taking on the time of our lives / So why don't we collide for the first time tonight.

You know you wanna / Kick back, relax, slip in at 2AM / Talk the talk, 'til the sun's coming up again / Nowhere to go so they can't shut us down / So why don't we right now / Just find a little, lean back and make it up / While the stars are watching us / Kissing in the back of that little red Corvette / Prince song I'll turn it up / Start with that get to know ya / Show ya what I wanna show ya / I'll put that feeling on ya / Girl you know you wanna.

You know you wanna hide out / Way back on a spot that ain't tracked on a map / Left and right, we'll slow down / You lookin' like that with my hat turned to the back / You got me falling fast, taking that chance you and me / Taking on the chance of our lives / The time is right now, for you and I.

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