Florida Georgia Line is just one of a number of duos in country music—but for this pair, there's only family, and not competition, amongst fellow duos in the industry.

Indeed, this is something that the guys love most about working in the country field. “I don’t know if I feel too much of the competition, personally," says Tyler Hubbard. "I think that’s one of the things that we love so much about country music and this genre, is it really does kind of feel like a big family,"

Of course, Florida Georgia Line wants to win awards; and Hubbard admits that there is competition in any industry. “Maybe if there is some kind of internal competition," he admits. "I mean we’re always competing with everybody. We’re competing with ourselves, we’re competing with anybody, and we actually welcome a good challenge or a good competition and somebody that can push us a little bit."

For Hubbard, two famous duos have personally pushed him musically. He produced a number of songs on LOCASH's latest album, as well as having Dan & Shay tour with FGL on their upcoming tour.

As he states, he loves “The camaraderie, the family, the brotherhood that country music allows you to have...because at the end of the day there’s not too many people that can really relate [to the lifestyle]. So, really the bond is there," he notes. "We just root ‘em on and we want them to win, and I don’t feel a ton of competition necessarily.”

Brian Kelley even joked that they were happy to see Dan & Shay winning awards since that will make their upcoming Can't Say I Ain't Country Tour with the duo that much stronger.

Though there may not be intense competition, FGL is nominated in three categories (Duo of the Year, Musical Event of the Year, and Single of the Year for "Meant To Be") at the upcoming 2019 ACM Awards.

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