Florida Georgia Line have turned up the heat with their "Sippin' on Fire" video.

Filmed in the desert near Las Vegas and directed by Mark Klasfield, the music video features footage of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley playing in the middle of dry lake beds along with the rest of their band. As day turns to night, the clip shows the band playing their instruments in the middle of a ring of fire. The shots of the duo are interspersed with shots of a man and woman slowly walking towards each other and passionately kissing.

The song is the third single from Florida Georgia Line's widely successful sophomore album, Anything Goes. "Girl you melt me like ice and whiskey / With those blue fling looks that you give me / You can't hide what's inside / And it's killing me right now to see / You wanna slip off with me again / Why should we go round and round the truth / Like we been doin'? / Every time we lie girl we're losing / So why should we spend Saturday night alone / When I can call you on the phone, pick you up / Make it up as we go along," the "Sippin’ on Fire" lyrics go The upbeat tune is the perfect balance of sultry words and catchy beats.

Florida Georgia Line are currently on their 2015 Anything Goes tour.

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