Florida Georgia Line's swampy "Smooth" shows an unseen side of the duo's artistry. They return to their party roots, but bring more colorful lyrics and maturity than ever before.

Like the best FGL songs, "Smooth" relies on a big fat hook. It's a jam like "Cruise," but lyrically stronger. You'd be hard pressed to find lyrics with more imaginative color. Metaphor after metaphor keep your ears on a swivel. The duo begin with the most organic country sounds (in more ways than one), but soon Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley add their progressive spin.

It's a complex arrangement made more difficult by tough-to-remember lyrics but Florida Georgia Line deliver it easy. "Smooth" is the kind of song that showcases what these men do best, even if they're becoming more and more known for sensitive ballads.

Did You Know?: It's been five years since Florida Georgia Line dropped "Cruise." Yep, just five years.

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Florida Georgia Line's "Smooth" Lyrics:

Smooth / Like a Tennessee Walker, just a walking on the water / You're smooth / Like a Sunday morning Elvis, singing gospel /It's a hell of a / Groove / Like the lines on her Mercury / Girl you're put together perfectly.

Good lord almighty / Girl, you go down good / You ain't even trying / 'Cause you wrote the book / There ain't nobody / Do me like you / The way you move that body / Girl, you're so smooth.

Like cat daddy driving a caddy from cali baby / You're smooth / Like young love buzzing off an Old Camp bottle / By the moon / Blackberry jam, finger-licking off your hand / Flying out the window.

You’re stroke on the canvas / A brick road to Kansas / My little summertime jam.

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