Florida Georgia Line's other collaboration with a pop group is now available to stream. The duo linked up with the Chainsmokers for "Last Day Alive," a vibey, electro-pop song from their new album.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley both sing lead at times on "Last Day Alive." Hubbard takes the first verse, while Kelley comes in for a moment during the second verse. The Chainsmokers drive each anthemic chorus, relying on the "Now or never, it's now or never" refrain.

"Promises within the air / Drowning in a love affair / The night is young / And we are young," Kelley sings before a chorus that is sure to confuse country fans who don't quite appreciate electronic music.

It's hard to imagine the response to this song from Memories ... Do Not Open getting the warm response FGL's collaboration with Backstreet Boys received at the ACM Awards on Sunday night (April 2). Nostalgia played a large role in country A-listers like Tim McGraw enjoying the moment. The supergroup sang "God, Your Mama and Me" before BSB's "Everybody." It was the dance moves and pyrotechnics that really stole the show, however.

Florida Georgia Line's pop romance will continue this summer with a tour with rapper Nelly and four stadium shows with the Backstreet Boys. The Smooth Tour gets its name from a song on the duo's Dig Your Roots album. Chris Lane will also open the tour.

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