Frankie Ballard's 'Helluva Life' lyrics are twofold. The song, which will live on his upcoming album 'Sunshine & Whiskey,' strikes a balance between accepting a disappointment, all the while appreciating what you have.

It's a parallel Ballard has drawn between the early stages of his career and now. His first album didn't take off at radio, which was a reality that he had to face and deal with -- but he was also able to come away with some perspective, as well.

In essence, the 'Helluva Life' lyrics are about the fact that you can't truly enjoy the sun without the rain.

"It’s such a cool message -- that you’ve got to appreciate what you have in your life," Ballard says. "And it even goes so far as to say you should appreciate the bad times because they make the good times better."

"It was incredibly parallel with what was going on in my life," the singer adds of the 'Helluva Life' lyrics. "It’s such an appropriate thing for me to be releasing as my first single off the new project. I thought my first single was gonna come out and, ka-pow, be off to the races, but that didn’t happen. But at the end of the day, I feel very blessed to be in the game and to have a new single."

Frankie Ballard's 'Sunshine & Whiskey' is out Feb. 11.

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