Gary Allan's black and white 'It Ain't the Whiskey' video features the singer performing and lamenting while seated with his band, paired with a narrative about loss of the most devastating sort -- the loss of love.

It's obvious that Allan's character in the clip is pretty miserable.

With a near-constant drink in his hand, the singer does a bang-up job of conveying the pain of the lyrics in his face, his movements and his posture, even though most of the time he is slouched in a chair, nursing a drink. That says it all, really.

Footage of a beautiful bride prepping for her big day while looking a bit too mournful on what's supposed to be the happiest day of her life (suggesting that something is not quite right) is juxtaposed with lots images of Allan in a plume of smoke, numbing his pain with the hard stuff.

A tumbler glass is always in his hand or on the table next to him. His reliance on libations means that he is self-medicating, and that it is not a symptom of his problem, but a cure.

Eventually, he attends the wedding of the bride we meet earlier in the 'It Ain't the Whiskey' video. Does he speak now or forever hold his peace? Watch and find out.