The iconic George Jones was laid to rest in Nashville Thursday (May 2), but he will not be forgotten. In the week following his death, Jones' album sales have increased a whopping 1000 %, which is a sweet tribute to the singer's phenomenal influence on country music. 

According to Billboard,  the 'White Lightning' hitmaker is selling albums like crazy, as country music fans all over the world want to remember Jones in a very special way. In fact, Jones’ catalog of albums sold 35,000 last week — up 1,002 % from 3,000 the week previous.

Additionally, Jones sold 149,000 downloads last week — up from 5,000 the week previous, which means they increased by 2,739 %. Since his passing, Jones sold more songs this past week than he did in all of 2013 up until his death -- 91,000 to be exact. 'He Stopped Loving Her Today' was his top-selling song last week, and debuted on Country Digital Songs at No. 15 with 34,000 downloads. To put it into perspective, one week ago, that song sold 1,000. The legend's second-biggest song, 'Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes,' sold 11,000, which skyrocketed up from essentially no sales while he was still alive.

If anything, the sales of George Jones' albums goes to show that while the beloved country singer is no longer contributing to country music with new material, he will be remembered and revered forever. His legend will live on, and his music will continue to be played and cherished for years to come.