On Wedensday (April 25), George Jones posted a special video message to his fans on his website, thanking them for sticking by him and praying for his recovery as he battled a recent upper respiratory infection. The video seemed to be ready to close with a nice sentiment, but then -- strangely -- Jones went on to accuse his daughter of spreading lies about him because she wanted his money.

"One more thing ...," he said near the end of the clip. "I would like to apologize for my daughter Georgette and her new husband for putting so much bad things about me on the internet and Facebook. None of these things are true. They are all about money. I have gave and gave until I can no longer give. I will never let her go hungry, but I am tired of putting out, and I am not the person they claim I am."

Jones' daughter Georgette Lennon, from the singer's marriage to fellow country star the late Tammy Wynette, denies any truth in her father's statements, telling the Associated Press that she is 'completely devastated' by the accusation.

"All I've ever wanted is to have a relationship with my dad and for him to know how much I love him and for him to love me and want to be a part of my life," she said (quotes via the Boot). "I had hoped that we could resolve this between the two of us privately and at some point he would talk to me. Unfortunately, things have escalated even further."

And while she's not happy about her current relationship with her father, Lennon says she understands why he's suspicious of those close to him, especially since he's been hurt in the past by seemingly well-meaning friends and family members.

"In the past, there have been family members and there have been good friends and there have management and people on all scales of life who have taken advantage of him, and they have stolen from him and they have been nice to his face and then stabbed him in the back when he turned and walked away," she explained. "So I know for him it's been very difficult to know who to trust even in your family, and that's a very sad and horrible thing to have to face."

Jones has accused his daughter of selling stories to the tabloids for money, and she says she thinks she offended him when she heard he had pneumonia and reached out to his fans online asking for prayers. Jones' publicist later came out saying that he just had an upper respiratory infection. At this point, Jones says he is "doing wonderful."

Watch George Jones' Message to His Fans