It must've been something they ate.

Two of the three members of Gloriana were treated for food poisoning last night (April 19). We know this because Tom Gossin shared a photo of bandmates Mike Gossin and Rachel Reinert while they were receiving EMT care. Granted, it's not and up close and personal shot but it certainly made fans aware of the goings on.

It looks like they are on their tour bus and are having IVs administered. The band is currently on tour, but Saturday night's gig in Texas was postponed.

Botchulism is pretty unsettling and incredibly uncomfortable. But at least the two members of the band were having it taken care of right away, and are hopefully well on the road to recovery.

The short and sweet tweet read as follows:

"Please say a prayer for Mike and Rach- both being treated on the bus by EMTs for extreme food poisoning." Extreme food poisoning sounds like it's no fun at all. Get better soon, Mike and Rachel, if you're not already back to 100 percent.

By Sunday morning the group tweeted that they were feeling much better.

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