Gloriana's first single without Cheyenne Kimball gives Rachel Reinert a chance to shine as the group's lone female voice, and she embraces it. '(Kissed You) Good Night' so effectively takes one back to a nervous first kiss that it would be wise to wear gloves if listening while driving. Sweaty palms are liable to cause a traffic accident.

The Gossin brothers' first verse tells a common story about a guy who misses his chance to lay one on his date's lips. He instantly regrets it and makes the situation right in the chorus.

"I turned off the car, ran through the yard, back to your front door / Before I could knock, you turned the lock, met me on the front porch / And I kissed you good night / And now that I've kissed you / It's a good night, good night, baby good night."

Reinert's verse adds heat to an otherwise innocent song. "You couldn't see me / Watching through the window / Wondering what went wrong  / Praying that you wouldn't go / You should have kissed me / You should have pushed me up against the wall / You should have kissed me / I was right on the edge and ready to fall."

The trimmer Gloriana might be capable of squeezing up music charts easier than the four-piece band could, as there are fewer layers to get through to enjoy the song. The group won't do much to differentiate themselves from Lady Antebellum with this song, but being compared to one of the hottest groups in country music is never a bad thing.

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