You don't want to mess with Gloriana! In their music video for "Trouble," the trio show why if you cross them, you'll definitely be setting yourself up for a little bit of trouble.

Gloriana, consisting of Rachel Reinert and brothers Tom and Mike Gossin, show a bada-- side of themselves in the video for their current single. The video begins with the trio performing in front of laser beams and spotlights, all dark until Reinert begins to sing the song of revenge. The video cuts to hanging light bulbs that will soon be in for a beating, thanks to someone wronging the beautiful lead vocalist.

If you’re running around, you better run from me / Pack up your bags and get gone, get gone / You wreck my heart, I’ll wreck everything / And anything I can get my hands on / If you lie, lie, lie with those wandering eyes / Better find one hell of a place to hide / If you mess with me, you best believe / That you’re gonna be asking for trouble." The trio sings the lyrics to the song while Reinert walks with a black bat in hand, ready to unleash her anger out on the bulbs — smashing them into tiny pieces while she smirks.

Did we mention how sexy she looks in the video? In the performance pieces, Reinert sports a sassy sparkle top while she sings into a black bejeweled microphone with her long hair down on her shoulders. While she's seeking revenge with her bat, she's looking even sexier in ripped jeans and a crop top that shows off her incredible abs—- and her high ponytail is to die for! We can't get enough of this hot trio.

Watch the full video for Gloriana's "Trouble" above, but just don't mess with the threesome!

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