The power harmonies once key to Gloriana’s sound have been mostly replaced by the power of Rachel Reinert’s voice on ‘Trouble.' The song is sassier than anything they’ve come with previously -- the group look to be all-in with Reinert in charge.

Although, to be fair, neither Gossin brother could sell this lyric. It’s the story of a scorned woman -- one with a tender touch, but sharp claws when you cross her.

I can be strong like a burning whiskey / I can be sweet like Tennessee honey, honey / Pretty as a daisy, careful if you pick me / This wildflower can get a little crazy, baby,” Reinert sings to open the banjo and fiddle-driven song.

The brothers Gossin do harmonize at the start of each lyric, and at the chorus. But the song isn’t as dependent on their vocals as some of their previous releases.

“If you're runnin' around, you better run from me / Pack up your bags and get gone, get gone / You wreck my heart, I wreck everything / And anything I can get my hands on,” they warn.

Near the end the producer creates a sonic storm of emotions, with a sea of “Ooh oh ooh oh oh” swirling at the bridge. Gloriana don’t quite go for broke in this direction. For the most part, the song is anchored with a traditional, modern country arrangement.

Why Fans Will Love It: Gloriana have never come with a single with as much edge as 'Trouble.' Rachel Reinert takes charge like she's never done before.

Key Lyrics: "If you lie-lie-lie look with those wandering eyes / Better find one hell of a place to hide / If you mess with me, you best believe / That you're gonna be ... asking for trouble"

Did You Know?: Gloriana are labelmates with Matchbox Twenty and Rob Thomas.

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