It's been almost three years since Gloriana released their last album, A Thousand Miles Left Behind, but the wait for new music from the trio is coming close to an end.

Group members Tom Gossin, Mike Gossin and Rachel Reinert announced Tuesday (May 19) that their third studio album, Three, will be released June 2.

The news came way of a video they posted on Facebook that not only announced the project, but also dished the details on pre-order availability.  Fans who order the album in advance on iTunes will automatically receive three songs this week, and an additional three songs next week before all of Three is made available the following week. See what they did there?

The upcoming project features 12 new songs, including Gloriana's current single, "Trouble."

"We can't wait for you guys to hear this, I know it's been a really really really long time coming," says Reinert. "I think it's our best body of work so far, and we're just so excited to finally get it out to y'all."

Gloriana's Three Track Listing: 
1. "Trouble"
2. "Ain't Runnin' Outta Summer"
3. "Are You Ready"
4. "Nobody But You"
5. "It's on Tonight"
6. "Fight"
7. "Wanna Get to Know You"
8. "Let's Take a Shot"
9. "Get Back That Goodbye"
10. "Lighters"
11. "It Won't Let Go"
12. "My Somebody"

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