They don't come much easier to enjoy than Granger Smith. The Texas country singer's understated delivery is something of a trademark, and his latest single 'Silverado Bench Seat' doesn't stray from what fans know and love.

Smith's most recent release from the 'Dirt Road Driveway' album is a no frills country love song. While the combined themes of dirt roads, trucks and moonlight kisses are seemingly repeated in half of the new music released over the last 90 days, there hasn't been much burnout. While not original, Smith's story is at worst familiar, but more accurately it's a calming, endearing three minutes of feel good country music.

"My boots and jeans don't go so well / With a white table cloth in a ritzy hotel / No, I'm used to much simpler things / So, baby, climb on in this truck / I'll show you what I mean," Smith sings to close the first verse on a song that's already become a No. 1 hit on the Texas Music Chart.

After a sharp first verse, one quickly finds himself cheering for this guy, who is nervously hoping to put the moves on the cutie next to him. There's a humble sweetness not found in similar songs that brag about tire size and the flavor of liquor hidden underneath the seat.

"I wanna love you on a Silverado bench seat / Fogging up the windows while we're parked down by the creek / No other light beside the stars and the moon / That's what you get when this country boy loves you," the Texas native adds during the chorus.

Fans who are growing tired of the chest-thumping displayed by the new country-rap genre will appreciate Smith's dedication to a simple story, told well over a more traditional arrangement. Like many of his songs, 'Silverado Bench Seat' seems built for a long haul.

4 Stars

Listen to Granger Smith, 'Silverado Bench Seat'

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