After three years out of the spotlight, Gretchen Wilson is ready to release new music and get back on the road. The singer has revealed that her new album, Ready to Get Rowdy, will be out on Friday (June 16) and includes a collaboration with Kid Rock.

"Listening to this record in its entirety will make you believe good ol' country music hasn't gone anywhere," Wilson says. "These 12 songs are as 'Gretchen Wilson' as I get. The Redneck is back!"

Blake Chancey produced the album and Wilson co-wrote all of the album's 12 songs. She says her life has dictated all of the songs featured on the album. "I felt like this music needed to come out now, or a piece of my life might be forgotten," Wilson explains.

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The first single, "Rowdy," was released last year. In an interview with Taste of Country earlier this year, Wilson shared that her first single came to her when she was at home "either mowing or weed eating, something in the backyard, just trying to think of a song title that I could hit hard with."

“I knew I needed the first single to be reminiscent of what fans liked and remembered about me and hopefully still want to hear. I’d been writing for quite a while, but I hadn’t gotten that feeling out of a song yet and the words ‘ready to get rowdy’ just kept going through my head," she explains. "Finally, I thought to myself, 'Why are you coming back? What do you really want to say?' So I had to answer that question and it was like, 'because I’m ready! I’ve been off for a few years, I’ve done what I needed to do at home and it’s time. I’m ready to get rowdy.'”

In addition to a new album, Gretchen will also return to the road for a summer tour with the Loving Mary Band backing her. For the next three months, fans can catch the singer traveling the country in promotion of her new release.

“This tour is not going to be an evening with [Gretchen Wilson],” Wilson assures. “It’s more like a Skynyrd concert; on your feet, partying, drinking beer and raising hell for the next 60 to 90 minutes."

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