Gretchen Wilson may be a self-proclaimed redneck woman, but that doesn’t mean she’s not brimming with talent. Aside from her obvious musical skills, the singer revealed one of her hidden talents on Taste of Country nights: chewing tobacco and drinking coffee at the same time.

“I drink coffee with a dip in my mouth,” she says, naming one of her favorite ‘redneck habits.' “That’s probably kind of weird and gross, but I can almost, like, eat with the chew in. I can find a little chipmunk spot to put it away.”

For the record, Wilson says her other redneck tendency is clipping her toenails out on the back porch.

The artist is currently working on new music, and the first single, she says, is reminiscent of the Wilson people remember.

“It’s very typical, old-school Gretchen. I think that’s the reason I wanted to lead with this one,” she said of “Rowdy,” released in late 2016.

She adds that she hopes to get a full album out by the time spring’s over.

Wilson says she took time off to focus on being a mom to her teenage daughter, Grace, because she knows how tough that season of life can be. Now she’s driving and starring in all the musical theater plays, Wilson says, and she couldn’t be prouder.

“She’s growin’ up,” she said. “She’s great; she’s brilliant. She's such a great kid. I don’t know how I raised such an amazing kid."

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