It's not a big secret that Hank Williams, Jr. isn't President Obama's biggest fan. But in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the opinionated country singer really slammed the man inhabiting the White House, going as far as to call him "the worst."

"I mean, the guy is the worst," Williams tells the magazine of his view of the Commander-in-Chief. "Giveaway programs, hates America in the first place, forget about the flag. [Imitating the President] 'That's one of those big rich fat cats that makes $35,000 a year,' you know what I mean?"

The country singer first sparked a political controversy last October after comparing Obama to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler during a visit to 'Fox and Friends,' which lead to his dismissal as the voice of 'Monday Night Football' after 22 years. Despite the strong repercussions from his actions, Williams defends the analogy.

"I was right," Williams declares. "ESPN might have done me the biggest favor in the world. It has snowballed since October."

Speaking on his reasons for dubbing the President as an "enemy" of the country, Williams says, "Oh, you know I don't know. I don't know about that but it's kind of obvious. I guess when you take a tour, a world tour, to apologize for America. He did that, you know?"

When prodded about the supposed harm done by the President in trying to smooth relations with other countries, the singer doesn't hesitate to express his opinions.

"Well, I'll tell you what's wrong with it. The other side forgot they won the election," says Williams. "Come on. This President? Give me a break. Give me a break. I notice there hasn't been not one of those [golf games] since that day. They kind of forgot, 'Oh boy, we're all big buddies.' They kind of forgot that after that game."

Williams is currently doing the media rounds to promote his latest project, 'Old School, New Rules,' which features an abundant amount of raging political commentaries, especially in the tracks 'Keep the Change' and 'Taking Backing Our Country.' The former has come under fire for its apparent personal attack on President Obama.

"Exactly what I said, cousin," says Williams when asked about the line, "I'll keep my freedom, I'll keep my guns. I'll keep my money and my religion too. I will keep my Christian name and you all can keep the change," in the track 'Keep the Change.'

"You know, we've got a President that does a call to the Quran or Mecca or whatever," says Williams, Jr., referring to the President's speculated Muslim beliefs. "That's what I meant. That's exactly what I meant. I won't be changing my name to whatever. That's exactly what I meant."

The outspoken singer may not be a fan of the President, but Williams remains a strong supporter of this country's Armed Forces. One note from a notable Navy Seal especially has helped him find the motivation to express his political distaste.

"There's a guy named Marcus Luttrell that was a lone survivor of the Navy Seals, and he said, 'I want to thank you for writing that because every military person in this country is going to buy that song,'" Williams says, referring to 'We Don't Apologize for America.' "That's the ones that I care about. Barack and his? I could care less. I'm writing for the ones that mean something to me. Oh, we're pulling in here. Adios, cousin!"

'Old School, New Rules' was released July 10 on Williams, Jr.'s own label. The singer will continue to tour the country in support of the project with dates scheduled through September.

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