Finally! 'Nashville' star Hayden Panettiere has confirmed she's engaged to heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko.

The actress, who appeared on 'Live with Kelly and Michael' on Wednesday (Oct. 9), walked in wearing a live boa constrictor -- and a diamond. Panettiere has appeared on the show before, scaring co-host Michael Strahan with a fake snake, so she thought she'd shake things up with a live slithering creature this time.

Turns out, although her diamond was much smaller than the snake, it stole the show.

"I am distracted, not just by the snake, but there's a very large diamond ring on your ring finger," Ripa said, confronting the actress. "I'm not sure if you want to announce anything. Does that signify anything? Is that a promise of something?"

Panettiere beamed, glancing down at the humongous rock on her finger. "It might be. I think it speaks for itself," she admitted as she held up her sparkling diamond.

"So, are you engaged?" Ripa flat-out asked. The actress nodded, "I am!" laughing as the audience cheered their congratulations.

The couple has not yet set a wedding date and are enjoying their newly-engaged status. Panettiere hasn't spilled the engagement story or when the question actually happened, but rumors have been floating around for quite a while.

Congratulations to the couple!

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