Hillary Scott recently revealed that her deeply personal tune “Thy Will” was written in the wake of experiencing a miscarriage, and though she has not downplayed the pain of the circumstances, she now says she feels a peace about the situation.

In an interview with People, the artist says even though some days are tougher than others, hearing stories from other people who are going through the same struggle has actually helped her heal and see the silver lining.

"Dates are hard," she admits. "Like, I would have been due in April. April was tough. But ... I'm really okay. I'm really at peace. I can honestly say I am already seeing the beauty from the ashes, exponentially more than I thought I ever would just through the connection with others and knowing that this song, in particular, has met them right where they needed it. And I'm okay with that. I can accept what happened, and I know that it's okay, and I know that I'm going to see that baby one day, and that is the ultimate peace."

The outpouring of support and similar stories has been overwhelming, she adds.

"It's an unlimited number of prayer requests that I feel like I'm getting on a daily basis,” Scott says. "It has been such an incredible way to feel connected to people all over the world. I feel like our hearts are in it together."

Scott and her family have created a full album of songs that inspire hope and peace with their record Love Remains, which features several classic hymns and a couple of original tunes. “Thy Will” was released as the first single from the album, which was inspired by the family’s grief over the loss of Scott’s paternal grandfather in 2011. Produced by Ricky Skaggs, the album is due out July 29.

"My goal, my heart for this whole project was for it to get heard,” Scott shares. "However it gets heard, I am really okay with ... I'm just over the moon excited that people are getting to hear it, that it's touching people's hearts, that it's doing really incredibly well on the Christian chart. I'm happy."

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