Hunter Hayes' hit 'Invisible' has been accepted with open arms by so many hurting people, so he brought it to the 2014 ACM Awards, giving a truly emotional performance.

Backed by a large string section that was all clad in white -- even their instruments -- and a full band, Hayes gave voice to all those who have felt invisible, bullied, or not important in life.

The visual components of the stage were also impactful, with a black and white backdrop and shadows of people standing alone flashing across the screen.

Hayes' vocals, which are always spot on, earned him a standing ovation. He accepted the attention graciously while also acknowledging the fantastic band behind him.

The 22 year old debuted 'Invisible' at the 2014 Grammy Awards and ever since its release, it's been a huge boon to those who can't find words for their pain. Hayes recently released his music video for the song and will embark on his We're Not Invisible Tour this fall.

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