An anthemic track like 'Invisible' deserves a music video that's as empowering visually as the song is lyrically. Hunter Hayes delivers, shedding light on hurting people in this emotional video.

The music video opens with Hayes singing alone outside a gas station, and only a few bleak lights illuminating the background. As the lyrics unfold and the 22-year-old walks empty streets and sidewalks while belting out the 'Invisible' lyrics, several individuals are featured.

An adolescent boy opens his locker, only to have a crowd of bullies knock his books -- and him -- to the ground. A high school girl is teased in class, and as paper wads fly toward her, the girl's image slowly fades into invisibility -- which is exactly how she's feeling.

The video features several other hurting individuals: a mom being ignored by her son, a young boy coming home from school to an empty fridge and nothing to eat, a female caught in an uncomfortable situation with her boss, a family dealing with an alcoholic father and a guy with a girlfriend who continually yells at him. All of the people slowly turn invisible as the hurt pulsates through their facial expressions, posture and actions.

But, as Hayes sings the emotive lyrics “Hear me out / There’s so much more to life than what you’re feeling now / And someday you'll look back on all these days / And all this pain is gonna be invisible,” the actors slowly begin emerging from their invisibility. While their difficulties certainly aren't erased, their stories are heard, and ultimately empowered.

Hayes also treats fans to an electric guitar solo, showcasing his wide range of musical talents alongside his powerhouse vocals and visible passion. 'Invisible' is an autobiographical song, and the country star certainly brings it to life in this music video.

His album 'Storyline,' which features the track 'Invisible,' will street May 6, 2014.

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