Ever since she released her latest single, Taylor Swift fans have been dying to figure out exactly who 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' is about. Everyone has been turning over every stone in Swift's relationship past to find the answer, and now, Us Weekly is speculating that they know who it was written for -- and, no, it's not John Mayer this time.

It's Jake Gyllenhaal! Or at least, that's the latest theory, thanks to an anonymous source that tipped off 'Hot Stuff.'

“It’s definitely about Jake,” an insider says.

In the catchy tune, Swift sings "Baby, I miss you and I swear I’m gonna change." Those words somewhat single out Gyllenhaal, who had a short fling with the country princess in 2010. After breaking up, the actor reportedly hopped a plane and flew to Nashville to try to mend the relationship.

But there have been other hints that the song was inspired by Swift's relationship with the actor. Swift's co-star in the 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' music video looks remarkably similar to the 31-year-old actor. Plus, in a short spoof advertising the MTV Video Music Awards, host Kevin Hart presented Swift a photo of her walking with Gyllenhaal and Hart's face pasted on the actor's body.

Regardless of her past, Swift is definitely moving her love life forward with her new beau, Conor Kennedy. Sparks are flying (sorry, couldn't resist that pun) between the 18-year-old Kennedy heir and the country star, who have been canoodling together in Massachusetts and Nashville over the past few months.

Now it's looking like Swift is definitely never, ever getting back together with any of her old flames.

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