There's no room for melancholy when Jackie Lee’s “Headphones” is on. The newcomer’s second single is a carefree love song about a girl who dances like no one is in the room when … well, no one is in the room.

“She’s got a Spring Break mistake / Tattoo that she loves to shake / When she thinks that she’s all alone / She’s got some dance moves she’d never do / With anybody else in the room / Man she’s in the zone,” Lee sings. The new lyric video (see below) makes the song better. We all either know that girl ... or are that girl.

“I was gonna take her out tonight / Take her for a ride and park it / But the party’s already started,” Lee says during a brief lull that builds toward the chorus. “Headphones” is a contemporary country-rocker that showcases Lee as a vocalist more than anything else.

“Cause baby’s got her headphones on / And she’s rockin’ along / She’s bumpin’, grindin’, bouncin’, doesn’t matter what song / She’s breaking a sweat, she’s lookin’ so hot / She’s in her own little world / And she ain’t takin’ em off / She’s got her headphones on.” Sherrie Austin, Adam Hambrick, Brian Dean Maher wrote "Headphones."

Lee plays the boyfriend in his song, and he sings about this beauty like he knows her well. It’s performance that seemingly fits his personality. Sincerity is always a good default emotion.

Why Fans Will Love It: "Headphones" is as light and breezy of a song as you'll find. It's feel-good country music.

Key Lyrics: “Cause baby’s got her headphones on / And she’s rockin’ along / She’s bumpin’ grindin’ bouncin’ doesn’t matter what song."

Did You Know?: Lee is dating Maddie & Tae singer Tae Dye.

Listen to Jackie Lee, “Headphones”

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