Jake Owen's fans need not worry about how the singer is recovering after breaking his collarbone and having surgery last week -- he's got his mom on hand, and she's taking great care of her baby boy!

"I'm feeling better," Owen tweeted to a fan on Thursday (Jan. 19). "Mom made me homemade spaghetti last night. I'm spoiled." In another tweet, Owen wrote, "Feel bad for my Dad since my mom left him for a few days to take care of me here in TN. He called asking her how to turn on the TV."

Owen deserves to be spoiled after his snowboarding accident in Colorado on Jan. 13, where he hit a 17-inch block of ice and tumbled to the ground, breaking his collarbone. The country hitmaker had high hopes that surgery wouldn't factor into his plans, but after visiting a doctor when he returned home, Owen received bad news that surgery was unavoidable and was forced to reschedule a handful of his tour dates.

But with Mama Owen spending some time in Nashville, the singer is managing to get caught up on some YouTube videos and is making multiple visits a day to Sonic for a certain tasty drink. "Since I've had surgery I've managed to drink at least 14 strawberry limeades from Sonic," Owen revealed on Twitter. "My lip is almost permanently red."

The 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' star is also working hard at keeping his singing pals from going through what he did on the slopes. After David Nail tweeted a picture of himself decked out in snow gear with the caption "Ready to hit the slopes," Owen commented back, "All I can say is, careful my friend."

If all goes well, Owen will be back on the road by Feb. 3, when he is scheduled to appear in Dallas, Texas. Click here for a complete list of Owen's future dates, including his rescheduled shows, as well as his dates on the Brothers of the Sun Tour with headliners Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, which kicks off in June.

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