Jake Owen recently shared a photo of his visit with his dad, Steve, who was recovering from throat surgery at the time. The singer offered a new update about his father's condition, revealing that his dad is now undergoing an intense course of radiation treatment at the Mayo Clinic.

His first round of radiation began Tuesday (Feb. 19). The cancer originated at the back of his tongue, so the treatments will focus on the neck and throat, which means he will lose his taste buds for around a year and will battle a painful sore throat for the foreseeable future. That said, the Owen family believes that the patriarch's iron clad will is key in getting him through this rocky patch.

Owen, a new father who welcomed daughter Pearl on Thanksgiving day, makes sure to check in with his pop on a daily basis. "I talk to him every day," the singer shares with the Country Vibe. "I think he gets annoyed with it because he thinks that I’m over-analyzing the situation. But I’m not. I’m just careful and my main goal is to keep his spirits high."

"What he’s going through in his mind isn’t a big deal, because my dad’s good at everything he’s ever done and he works hard so he can beat it," the 'Anywhere With You' singer continues. "But I remind him sometimes, whether he wants to hear it or not, 'Dad, what you’re going through is not easy. But I’m here for you, mom’s there for you.'"

Another way Owen helped his dad, besides the daily check in, was to convince him to get a small dog to be his companion during the course of treatment, which is grueling at five days a week for almost seven weeks. Having a buddy by his side should help -- just ask animal lover Miranda Lambert!

We wish Mr. Owen the best as he stares down the cancer and the treatments.