Jake Owen may have made it to the top of the country music scene, but there was a time not long ago when he was just another Kenny Chesney "superfan." The 'What We Ain't Got' singer talked about this during a sit down with Larry King for an episode of King's web-series, 'Larry King Now.'

During the half-hour interview taped at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, Owen and King chatted about a variety of topics, including Owen's first headlining tour, who his dream duet partner would be, and what it was like opening for Chesney for the first time.

"Oh I was so drunk ... way drunk," Owen tells King shaking his head and laughing. "I was really nervous. My best friend came up to watch me open for Kenny Chesney. My mom and dad were there, my twin brother. Everything that I'd ever worked for, that I said I was gonna do, I was gonna do that night ... plus on Kenny Chesney's tour everybody everywhere you go, they're handing you a margarita."

Owen also took the chance to answer some questions from fans, including what his favorite moment on the Days of Gold Tour has been (every night!) and which country singer he'd like to sing a duet with (Ronnie Dunn). He even talked about the story behind his hew hit, 'What We Ain't Got.'

"I don't ever what my world to stop," He says. "I think sometimes we all just need to understand that. That we can work our lives away but why it's important to share it with the ones around us. I feel like I'm at a point in my career where people are listening, and to be able to put a song out like that - it's my responsibility to do that."

Owen is currently in the middle of his Days of Gold Tour, which will hit over 20 more cities before wrapping up on October 25 in Very Beach, Fla.

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