Jake Owen's 'What We Ain't Got' is a heartfelt song about love and loss -- different from anything we've heard from the country beach boy to date. More stripped down and introspective, 'What We Ain't Got' is a departure from the easy-going vibe of Owen's most recent hit 'Beachin,' but no less compelling. A powerful ballad sung with raw honesty and heartbreaking soul, this new single is sure to have fans viewing the star in a whole new light.

'What We Ain't Got' -- penned by Travis Meadows and Travis Jerome Goff -- packs a punch, with lyrics expressing the damaging power of always wanting more and never been satisfied. Whether it's a better car, a bigger house, or a different kind of love, as we chase what we don't have, we miss the good that is right in front of us.

"We all want what we ain’t got / Our favorite doors are always locked / On a higher hill with a taller top / We all want what we ain’t got," sings Owen with beautifully expressed longing and heartache. "We all wish it didn’t hurt / When you try your best / And it doesn’t work / And goodbye is such a painful word / We all wish it didn’t hurt."

And it's not just the lyrics that make the song have such a strong effect. Musically, 'What We Ain't Got' finds strength in simplicity. Based in mournful piano with just the right amount of sliding guitar chords, Owen's soulful voice is on full display, its power only intensified by the quiet harmony of female vocals.

In almost every way, 'What We Ain't Got' is worlds apart from light-hearted hits like 'Beachin' and 'Days of Gold,' hitting on a new sound that's sure to resonate with fans and critics alike. And regardless of whether listeners are fans or not, one thing's for certain: 'What We Ain't Got' is a reminder that there's more than just a fun-loving coast bum in Jake Owen!

Why Fans Will Love It: 'What We Ain't Got' will surprise even the most devoted Jake Owen fans with a much more serious, heartfelt sound. But once listeners get over the double-take, they'll sure to be listening to this power ballad on repeat.

Key Lyrics: "All I want is what I had / Yeah, I’d trade it all just to get her back / She’s moving on but I guess I’m not / Yeah, we all want what we ain’t got / Yeah, I wanted the world ‘til my whole world stopped / You know a love like that ain’t easily forgot / I guess we all want what we ain’t got."

Did You Know?: Although Owen has had a blast with his summer hits, he's actually said that 'What We Ain't Got' might just be his favorite track on the 'Days of Gold' album!

Listen to Jake Owen, 'What We Ain't Got'

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