Jake Owen is loving everything life has been bringing him lately. Where shall we start? Two consecutive No. 1 singles, a beautiful new wife, a prime slot opening for Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney on the Brothers of the Sun Tour... the list goes on and on.

In celebration of his newfound success, Owen admits he has been able to reward himself -- and his lady.

"I bought a nice diamond ring for my wife," he tells Taste of Country with a grin. "[And] we [just] bought a house together, [but] I haven't done a whole lot [for myself]. Growing up, my dad was really frugal. Maybe some folks around me who are close would say different, but I don't splurge on things that aren't necessarily needed. I think you have to sometimes. I spend so much of my time on a bus, riding down the road, that when I'm home, I need to do something for everything I'm working hard for. But with a wife now and a new house and things to do, my priorities are a bit different than they were a couple of years ago."

And married life brings other lifestyle changes, too. "I'm learning how to say 'we' a lot more than 'I,'" Owen spills, quickly adding that it's been beneficial having his wife Lacey in his life when it comes to looking for songs to record. "She's my wife, but she's also my best friend. I think that any best friend, whether it's a guy and his best friend buddy or a husband and his wife, you always lean on your friends for advice to see what they think because you feel like they know you better than anyone."

He continues, "She does know me, and knows where my mind is and where my head is at a lot of the times. She knows if something hits me or not. I've played songs for her that I like, and she'll go, 'Eh, I don't know if I like that one as much as the other one.' I trust her judgement. We share a lot of stuff together."

Owen's wife will certainly have her work cut out for her as her husband prepares to release his 'Summer Jam' EP and a new full-length project to follow.