Jake Owen is giving his "Real Life" music video a throwback feel. The country singer has released the special edition of "Real Life," which gives a nod to VH1 pop up videos from the '90s.

In the nearly three-minute clip, Owen fills viewers in on all the burning questions they may have had from the original video by revealing the identity of the actors (played mostly by friends and family), as well as whether or not the squirrel that steals the show is real. (It's not.)

The beginning of "Real Life" was filmed at Finch's Market in Pegram, Tenn., and includes the store's real decor. Making a cameo is Owen's drummer, which the pop up information provides, as well as explaining that the smoke on screen is from firecrackers lit on set and the necklace the singer is seen wearing was a gift from his father.

There were some prop malfunctions and plenty of wigs worn throughout the video, one of which Owen wore as a nod to his long locks in his early video for "Eight Second Ride." There are plenty of music video stereotypes demonstrated toward the video's end, and Owen and his director showcase this as a truck, bikini girl, hay bail, chain wallet, moonshine, cowboy hat, fishing pole and other video stereotypes fly by on the screen.

Race car driver Kevin Harvick also appears, and as the clip comes to a close with Owen go-carting, the pop up informs us that the last time Owen did this with Harvick, he lost part of his finger. It seems no blood was lost in the making of "Real Life," just a few obscure moments that are now clarified in the special edition video.

Owen will headline at the 2016 Taste of Country Music Festival, which takes place June 10-12 at Hunter Mountain in New York. For more information on the hottest festivals of 2016, check out our handy festival guide.

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