While Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott tweets sweet and cuddly photos of her pup Hobbs, Jake Owen goes a little further. He tweeted a hilarious video of his dog Merle dealing with an issue unique to his breed and it's certainly not cute or cuddly. Not in the slightest.

Merle is a white bulldog with a pronounced underbite and his unique body shape makes scratching that elusive itch in his hindquarters quite difficult. Owen tweeted about the doggy dilemma, writing: "Merle's butt itches."

The one-minute vid features Merle with his back to the camera, with Owen asking him if his butt itches. He implores and encourages the pooch to "scratch that sucker." Merle doesn't respond to the prodding until about midway through, when he begins twisting in order to soothe the itch. Owen's encouragement escalates as he says, "Scratch that thang." Owen is certainly in touch with his pooch, that's for sure.

Merle is up for "Best New Pet" in the Taste of Country Awards, so if you think his adorable sour mug is so cute you can hardly stand it, vote for him here.