Jake Owen recently invited a large group of fans to lunch at a local Nashville Waffle House to celebrate the release of his new single, "Real Life," and it turns out he's a big tipper.

According to Broadway's Electric Barnyard, Waffle House revealed that the bill for the gathering came to $900, and Owen left a $200 tip, which comes to just over 22 percent.

It seems like maybe the singer is heeding the words of his own song, which reference the famous restaurant chain. Owen says those lyrics come straight of everyone's real life. “Everybody’s got that Waffle House that you hit at the end of the night after a long night, and that Waffle House lady’s always a little bit perturbed at the end of the night, ’cause she knows you’ve had a couple of drinks,” he tells Taste of Country. “She doesn’t want to deal with you. She’s got her problems, we’ve got ours, so you tip her anyway.”

"Real Life" is the first single from a forthcoming new album that Owen says is a game-changer for him as an artist. He worked with producers Shane McAnally and Ross Copperman on the new project, and he tells us he set out to make a great album from top to bottom this time around, centered around the theme of growing up. “I’ve never made a record like that before. I’ve made a record with a bunch of random songs on it that worked on radio, but I want a piece of material that is consistent throughout each song, that talks about that feeling of growing up,” he says. “The feeling of looking back and the feeling of appreciating it all.”

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