Jamie Lynn Spears, former Nickelodeon star and little sister of pop icon Britney Spears, is preparing to release her country music debut. As to be expected, she is cautiously excited to share it with the world.

Spears, now 22, grabbed headlines when she got pregnant at age 16. She is raising her daughter Maddie and likens her forthcoming album to being a mom, something she knows quite a bit about.

"It's seeing it all here and it's real," Spears shares. "It's like, 'Oh my goodness, I'm really gonna do this.' It's like my second baby."

Clearly, the newcomer is thrilled about her "other" baby. Spears made her live debut in the genre a few years back, and has even written with Pam Tillis. Trust that her interest in breaking into the country genre is not a passing fad.

Spears is firmly committed to her country career, but she also has a duet on her older sister's eighth album, 'Britney Jean.' The siblings sing together on 'Chillin' With You.' That should get fans excited to hear a taste of Jamie Lynn Spears and then turn their attention to what she is able to do on her very own album.

An expected due date for the album has not yet been revealed.

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