Jamie Lynn Spears is working hard to leave her mark on country music -- even if it means putting herself out there.

Spears, who was the child star of 'Zoey 101,' compares acting to singing, but says singing is a lot more personal since she's not playing a role.

"For me, I was playing a character and I was 12 years old, so I wasn’t afraid of anything," she tells Taste of Country's Billy Dukes. "Now I’m up there sharing these personal stories about my life, it’s me putting myself out there so it’s a lot more nerve-racking for me.”

Despite her Teen Nick fame, Spears hasn't had any other country artists tell her they watched her show (yet), but she does get the occasional parent fan. “I do get parents who tell me all the time, ‘My little girl or my little boy, you know, watches ‘Zoey,' so I get that sometimes.”

A mom to a 6-year-old herself, Spears says although her daughter, Maddie, has seen the show, she's not a fan. “My husband sometimes will just put it on just to see my reaction and she’s not really phased by it," she says. “I don’t think she really grasps it yet. I mean, she’s only six."

Now that she's trying to make it onto the country music scene, Spears says she's willing to work hard to get there. The 23-year-old wants to focus on her music now, but would consider touring with big sis Britney Spears one day.

"I’ve really gotta earn my spot here for myself in country music. I’m really working hard to do that, but I think later on down the road -- who wouldn’t want to tour with family and just pack up, you know, all the kids and just make it a whole family thing,” she says. “That would be awesome but right now I’m just focusing on, you know, my stuff."

Focusing on her "stuff" seems to be working well, and country artists have welcomed her with open arms. “Each artist I’ve met has been so nice and everyone, you know, who I’ve sat down and talked to and has taken the time to get to know me, they’ve been so great with open arms," she reveals.

One artist in particular left an indelible mark on Spears. "I got to meet Alan Jackson and that was a pretty big moment, because my dad grew up loving him so I grew up loving him," she shares. "It was just kind of one of those moments where my daddy got to meet him as well so it was just kind of a really special moment."

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