While we usually associate singer Jana Kramer with country music and with her fiancé Brantley Gilbert, she is also an accomplished actress who starred in 'One Tree Hill.' Additionally, Kramer has a role in an upcoming, war-themed drama called 'Approaching Midnight.'

In the feature-length film, Kramer plays Aspen Malverne, the daughter of a mayor in small town America. She has met her end, but therein lies much of the mystery. Writer/director/producer Sam Logan Khaleghi plays a soldier returning home from the war in Afghanistan, only to face an equally difficult battle on domestic shores. Aspen was his girlfriend and her father may or may not be running an illegal arms trade.

The film looks like an edge-of-your-seat thriller based on this almost two-minute trailer.

The preview doesn’t give too much away, but it certainly gets you pumped to find out what happens between the soldier and the mayor, as well as to see as much of Jana Kramer as possible.

If you want to see Jana in the film and it looks like something that will entertain you, you can find more details here. The film's Facebook page is also full of details so you can find out information about when it will screen and more.