Jana Kramer's 'Hope It Rains' video finds the singer playing a role Brantley Gilbert never wants to see: wedding crasher. Her delightfully bad character has an axe to grind and a few friends who don't seem to have any real respect for all the bells and whistles that comprise a wedding ceremony. 

Dressed in a white dress, veil and Converse sneakers, the latter of which are a cute and spunky added touch, Kramer pokes fun at the ceremony and pomp and circumstance that goes along with the big day.

She rips the heads off the flowers and feasts on the wedding cake, using her fingers to get a taste of the icing, all the while giving off a devilish stare. Kramer has fun with silly string and water guns, and sees her wedding dress get paintballed.

It's a sassy and fun time watching Kramer become a bad girl bride.

Previously Kramer joked that Gilbert is a 'groomzilla.' He'd surely flip out if someone ruined his wedding like Kramer does this couple's.