We smell a reality show in the making! Jana Kramer revealed that her fiancé, fellow country singer Brantley Gilbert, is a "groomzilla," a counterpart to a bridezilla, who is typically obsessed with all things wedding, and it's not always pleasant. Gilbert has since explained what he did to be slapped with such a title, but it's not what you might think.

He's not yelling at bakers over whether or not he wants chocolate fondant or vanilla buttercream icing for the cake or arguing with the wedding planner about the arrangements of the bridesmaid bouquets. He does, however, care about the details, which is sweet, since most husbands-to-be tend to run screaming from such tasks. Simply put, Gilbert just wants their wedding day to be perfect.

His nickname "groomzilla" came to be as he and Kramer were scouting locations for the nuptials in Gilbert's home turf, and he let instinct take over.

"I was supposed to be following them, and they were driving, like, 30, and dude, I just can't work with that," Gilbert shares. "I was at home in Georgia, and I know all those roads and they were getting lost. And finally, I was just like, 'To hell with it.' I passed 'em, and I met 'em there. I was like, 'Y'all just meet us at the place. Y'all got GPS.'"

The 'More Than Miles' hitmaker also admits that he is "picky" because he wants his future wife to have the wedding of her dreams. "I want to make sure she's happy on that day, 'cause I know how stressed out she can be about certain things, and a wedding is definitely, I got a feeling, gonna be one of those," he reveals.

Sounds like he knows the woman he is about the marry inside and out and truly loves her. Kramer lucked out! Shockingly, the bride-to-be doesn't mind that her fiancé is this much in the marital mix. "The fact that he actually cares is the coolest thing ever, 'cause I hear from most brides that were like, 'My husband did not care at all,'" she says. "And Brantley is super hands-on, which is... it's special. It makes me feel like he actually cares about it."

Gilbert and Kramer have not yet announced when they'll tie the knot, only that with their busy schedules, there were a limited number of weekends to choose from.