Jana Kramer has been living every mom’s nightmare the last few days, as she worked as hard as she could to get her family back to the United States as the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread all over the world.

On Monday night (March 16), the “I Got the Boy” hitmaker was able to share the good news that she, her husband Michael Caussin and their two kids are back home after several difficult days.

“Two days ago we flew to Canada,” Kramer said on her Instagram Monday night alongside a picture of her cradling her son Jace in the private plane they took to get back home. “I can admit when I’m wrong and I feel like I should have listened, but I didn’t want to live in fear.”

The saga actually began just days ago, when Kramer received news that she had booked a role in a movie that she would have to travel to Canada to film. On Friday (March 13), the actor and singer seemed genuinely excited about the idea of getting out of the States for a month, and even asked fans for ideas as to where to take the kids in Ottawa and Quebec City. But even then, she knew many of her 1.9 million Instagram followers were encouraging her to stay home.

“I’m aware people are saying stay inside and not leave but I have to film and do my job,” she told her concerned fans. “I just got off the phone with my producer that everything is a go for now.”

As the coronavirus situation grew more dire, Kramer began to show signs via her Instagram posts that she might end up regretting her decision to travel in the midst of the health crisis.

“I’m not gonna lie,” she said in part. “The past 48 hours I’ve been a bundle of nerves and anxiety as panic spreads. As we follow guidelines and quarantine here in Canada, my anxiety is through the roof.”

Luckily, after shooting one scene for the movie, production was shut down, meaning Kramer and her family could head home. Yet, finding the safest transport home did have its challenges.

“I also need to give a huge shout out to Sara Gretzky and her dad for getting my family this plane,” Kramer wrote. “I called Sara a few hours ago balling my eyes out as I didn’t want to travel with kids and all of us 48 hours later to airports again (ugh I’m still mad at myself about that and feel awful) and 4 hours later they came to get us. I love yalls hearts. Thank you for getting us HOME.”

A number of television shows and films are among the businesses that have shut down production as the coronavirus pandemic continues to worsen. Nashville has been hit especially hard, with touring activity grinding to a virtual standstill for almost every major tour that was scheduled for 2020, while bars and restaurants in downtown Nashville are also closed for the time being.

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