Jana Kramer is making an effort to capture the precious moments before she becomes a mother of two. In a new maternity photoshoot with Us Weeklythe "I Got a Boy" hitmaker strikes up a variety of poses alongside husband Mike Caussin and the couple's 2-year-old daughter, Jolie.

"My journey thus far has been a wild one," Kramer tells the magazine about her pregnancy this time around. "But to be happy and healthy and so close to meeting our little one is the silver lining of all pain."

The maternity photoshoot also includes number of pictures of Kramer alone, including a topless photo of Kramer in which she cradles her growing tummy. See the pictures here.

"I feel prettier pregnant," she admits. "I feel confident for probably the first time in a really long time. I think pregnancy is a beautiful thing, what women can do."

While Kramer seems to be glowing as a result of her current pregnancy, the country artist has been very open to the rocky road it has taken to get to this place. Not only have Kramer and Caussin been able to fight their way back from some much-publicized marriage troubles, but they also have had to endure a number of miscarriages before being able to carry this baby, who seems to be healthy.

In a previous interview with the magazine, Kramer shared that she plans to show off what women can do by delivering her son during a live episode of her podcast, Whine Down.

"My husband and I have always been an open book, so why not open the door to our delivery room?" she says.

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